Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chinese Coins Mini

Chinese Coins is the current popular quilt being made at my guild. I wanted to make one for the community quilt drive, but there are several Christmas quilts on the list in front of it. What to do? Make a mini!

I have a bin of 1 1/4" strips already cut, so that made it easy.

I wasn't sure how many to stack, so I just kept sewing.

Hmmm... looks a little long for a quilt and a little short for a table runner.

So I took the bottom border off, trimmed off several 'coins' and sewed the bottom border back on. Much better.

 Machine quilted in the ditch

 Hand stitched binding

Piecing minis is so satisfying. You get to see what the quilt looks like and it only takes a day or two.


Vic in NH said...

What a sweetie your Chinese coins turned out to be! I liked following along with you on the process of how it evolved. The red mottled border gives lots of eye movement as do the light yellows as well. Please consider getting rid of the dreadful word verification feature from the settings section of posts. It makes it so miserable to try to comment. Thanks so very much!

Fabricfaire said...

"When I grow up I want to have your talents in quilting!"