Tuesday, February 28, 2012

An Influx of New Fabric

... or short attention span knitting. I started to swatch the cashmere, holding six strands together, but the color play must not have matched what I had in my mind's eye. It was abandoned for this...

My quilt friend is no longer quilting, she has a completely new hobby and asked if I'd help her liquidate her stash. Must be a rhetorical question! I brought home two 21 gallon totes and have gone through all of it, grouping and sorting and deciding what to keep and what to pass along.

These fabrics aren't prewashed so I sorted 'the laundry' by color. The blue/green load turned the color catcher sheets gray. The red/orange/yellow load turned them bright pink. It's a little more work, but I'm always grateful I prewash.

Lots of great neutral background fabrics, and bright yellows and oranges, colors I don't usually buy. Thanks Su!

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