Tuesday, August 02, 2011

August Flowers

These flowers are all within a 15 minute walk near our home. Some of them would be considered weeds, but I love how they grow without cultivation, like God's lilies of the fields, watered and cared for by His own hand.

Unknown (added later: Broomweed)

Red Hot Poker

Queen Anne's Lace


Unknown, not a dandelion


If you know the names of some of these, please write and let me know. They live in my yard and I see them every day, I feel I should know their names!

Also seen on our walk, Miss Lila. She's pretty scarce around home, since Spunky's joined our family.

Aug 2 note: I added photos from yesterday's walk. Pictures by dh.

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Fabricfaire said...

Like you, I do enjoy the "blooming weeds"! I bet Miss Lila would like to have her 'house" back!!!