Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Hair

I was so ready to go short. I'd been thinking about it for weeks, so when I finally got it cut it was like I'd had it forever, no big deal.

But it's the shortest I've ever had it since I've been married (32 years). The comments and compliments are still coming after two months. It's embarrassing.

"Was it hard to make the decision?!" "Wow! What brought this on?" "I've always wanted to try that, you give me courage."

Really? It's just hair.


Lindah said...

There's a whole lotta cuteness going on in your world these days. That little boy is just the cutest little guy. Not to mention, your new hairstyle/length is pretty cute, too!

We got over to the coast last Sunday. Had to take one of those new-fangled car keys over to friend who had borrowed DH's car and thought he had lost the key. Turns out he found it by the time we got there, so DH and I enjoyed a wonderful day of it before returning to the hot valley... walked through a grove of the big trees and spent some time on the sand. Wonderful! Refreshing change of pace. You are blessed, you know, to live so near the trees and sand.

Fabricfaire said...

I like the new "do"!