Sunday, June 05, 2011

Watch Cap

This is probably looking less and less like a quilting blog these days. I want you to know I *am* quilting but I'm working on gifts and will show them later. In the meantime I find knitting to be so calming. Have you heard the saying, "Knitting calms the troubled soul, and it doesn't hurt the un-troubled soul either"?

So after those earlier failed projects, I decided to make a Watch Cap using remnant yarn. Since the yarn was bought at the Senior Center Thrift store, I only knew it's a wool/mohair blend, no other product information. But I loved the color! Electric blue. I searched knitting sites for information on what needle size would be best for this yarn. I found a site that talked about wraps per inch and suggested needle sizes based on wpi. Cool, this is what I need! .

Like the purple scarf, I got part way along and found I didn't have enough yarn. But this project could be 'pieced' together, so I knit with another color to make up the difference. I also made an effort to custom fit the cap, rather than following the pattern exactly. I frogged a couple of times but love how it turned out. And it feels great, snug and cozy.

I finally realized that I've been trying to learn without spending a lot on yarn or materials, because I'm afraid to invest in a project that might not turn out. But I definitely want to knit with natural fibers. It would really reduce my frustration if I would just decide my time is worth the price of yarn from the LYS and stop this piecemeal approach. More successes will boast my confidence.

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Lena Johansson said...

It´s nice!
I love the blue, too!
Lena in Sweden