Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Shampooing An Eight Week Old Kitten

Spunky had fleas, but all the literature said not to use flea powders or collars on a kitten less than 10-12 weeks old. At the same time, the literature (Googled kitten care) also said fleas can cause anemia in young kittens. Dilemma, do I try to shampoo her? I prepared for the worst, imagining all sorts of yowling, scratching, clinging to everyone and everything within reach in shear terror. I filled the kitchen sink with a few inches of tepid water and braced for battle. This is what happened.

It was a non-event, she was completely docile as I wet her down, rubbed soap into her fur and used a ladle to rinse.

9 weeks

A good rub with a warm towel and a comb through and she was free of fleas and smelling like the dawn. I've had a number of cat owners tell me some cats grow up liking their bath. I had no idea.


Kim West said...

The trick to keeping them to liking a bath is to do it regularly; that way they don't go a while with no bath and when you HAVE to bathe them, they hate it.

We do the same thing with car rides for our cats.

Fabricfaire said...

Gee, I never woulda thunk to give a kitty a bath!!! Looks like she took it well! Of course not having a choice!!!

Tiny Tyrant said...

Yup what Kim said. Regularly means they are used and know you don't intend to drown them. Spunky is SUCH a cutie.