Monday, May 03, 2010

Sunday Hike

Spring has sprung. We got out to the lake for a hike and picnic.

After being on water rationing last summer and longing for rain, the water level is higher than we've ever seen in 15 years. The picnic area is under about 20 feet.

This is a composite image DH put together, the source photo was taken last spring.

Here's the same spot this year.

You can just see the roof of the picnic kiosk in the middle of the picture.

Views from the trail.

The air was so fragrant with wildflowers, each step held a different sweet aroma.

After the hike, food sure tasted good!


Anonymous said...

Interesting with all the water, beautiful and nice to go there, I can see.
Will the water go away?

Lena said...

From Lena

Fabricfaire said...

A beautiful day for all of you!