Monday, December 21, 2009

From Black to Blue

There are some tasks I just don't want to do. Can you guess?

I've lived here fifteen years and I think I've cleaned the oven three times. Should I even tell you that?? Forty-five minutes later:

Things I learned for next time:

Loosen the screws that hold the heating element in the back and lift it up and out of the way, easy!
Have something to *kneel* on, after the first 20 minutes on that linoleum floor, my knees were killing me.
Wear a face mask and long rubber gloves, man the *fumes*.
Don't wear your favorite cream colored tee-shirt that says, "Quilters Come With Strings Attached" You will inevitably splash some of the midnight black sludge on your front.
When you're done, heat the oven to about 300 to burn off the residual cleaner from the oven walls.
Don't wait so long, the spray-on cleaner really did cut through the lighter stains and they wiped away. The heavier stains had to be scraped away with a knife!
Now I can sew away the afternoon without guilt. What did you do today?


Susan said...

Boy, can I identify with this, Leslie! I'd rather clean strange people's bathrooms than my own refrigerator (well, almost). When I do a job like that, it's ALL I get done that day! You deserve to sew your heart out for the rest of the month!

Elaine Adair said...

How timely - I've been looking at my grungy over with hateful eyes - knowing it's that time again. SEeing your CLEAN result might push me to actually DO it!

Elaine Adair said...

grungy OVEN, not OVER ! Dang it - I used to be able to spell! 8-))

Shasta said...

Whew! I'm so glad that my oven is black and not white. Or maybe it's gray, not sure. I'm sure I spilled something when I was making the turkey in November, because now every time I try to use it, there is some smoke all over the house. I guess I should clean it.

Fabricfaire said...

Hey, your oven is "good" for another 15 years!! Your food always tastes good anyway!