Friday, June 13, 2008

The Next Twenty-nine Years

Frank and I were married in August of '79. There were 13 weddings among our friends and classmates that summer. We had to jockey for position on the church calendar. I remember my girl friends and I attended many, many bridal showers that year. The Dorcas sewing circle at the church presented each of the brides to be with a patchwork quilt. They were true scrap quilts pieced from whatever was donated to the group. I was pleased and excited when I saw mine, the colors worked together and there wasn't any double knit!

We've used and loved this quilt and it went to college when Nathan moved out. Here it is on my clothes line in the late afternoon shade.

And close-ups. It was tied with embroidery thread and many of the fabrics just weren't suitable.

I've removed all the ties and will take the back off, replace the errant fabrics and see if I can breath new life into this dear thing.

Too many memories to let go...


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Wouldn't the ladies that made that quilt be thrilled that you are taking it to bits and reviving it! I'm sure the other 12 quilts made that year won't be seeing that kind of care and attention. I hope you will post your progress..I'm quite curious as to how it will turn out.

Fabricfaire said...

This truly is a work of love! How precious. I too cannot wait for the end results....hurry!