Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Faux Chenille Scarf

This could've been a part of the January's WISP challenge except that it's more of a HSY than a WISP. I've wanted to make one of these for ever so long, bought the woven flannel last January at the after winter clearance. When I finally knuckled down it only took about an hour or so. I used the instructions found here. The tutorial suggests using rayon, but I used woven, or 'homespun' cotton flannel.

Beginning woven flannel, prewashed

After it's been 'chenille-ified'

The week after I finished it we had unusually chilly weather for our valley and I got to wear it day after day. What a cozy thing to have around the neck!


Jeanne said...

I made several scarves like that for my family and me. I love mine. Yours is a pretty plaid and turned out very pretty.

Anonymous said...

The direction aren't on site no more, please share directions. I just bought the clover slash cutter today too. Thanks!😊